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Recovering 20%+ of your
shops abandoned carts?

You already paid to get them to your store, now let us finish the
job! No time required on your end, and no emails used.

Abandoned cart emails only convert 7% of carts, use text to recover 20%+

Email is outdated.

Stand out from the crowd with SMS recovery! Emails are overcrowded and often not opened, our SMS has 95%+ open rate and 20% recovery rate!

Hard to connect
People need immediate answers

People need immediate answers to their Questions.

Use SMS to allow your customers quick and immediate answers to their questions. Remove any hesitation to close the sale! “Where are you based out of?” “How long is Shipping” and any other questions answered directly.

Step 01

A customer abandoned their checkout

Our custom shopify integration will pull all necessary contact information including what they intended to purchase, their number, and name.

Abandoned checkout

Step 02

Our system will contact them to find out why they did not purchase.

Our goal is to make the customer feel as comfortable as possible in their purchasing decision.

Sales message
  • 46% of customers reply to our texts because we don’t force a sale. We’re here to help them, not annoy them.
  • We have a real team of people behind these texts to make them personalized and optimized for conversions (and trust). It doesn’t require any time or effort on your end.

Step 03

We answer their questions and offer a custom discount code to encourage an immediate checkout.

Many people are just looking to know there is a real company behind the website, this makes them comfortable in their purchasing decision.

  • We get answers from your FAQ’s, product descriptions or forward people to your support team (last resort). This way, we help out your customers and represent your brand correctly.

Some cases from our own stores

Sales Dialog
  • Personal immediate communication like a human. Your clients shouldn’t wait.
  • They are already interested in your product, why not help them?
The dialog list
  • You can see how it works and manage it.
  • In depends on your niche your recovery rate can be up to 40%
Recovered Orders

Every day it works for you

Country breakdown

How does it work?

Abandoned Cart Restoring 2

Restore it better than Shopify itself

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Frequently asked questions


Frank Connel

Frank Connell

“My product is a high checkout value ($250+) so customers usually take a long time to purchase, SMS closr has helped keep us in the mind of our potential customers while they are not on our site”

Marcella Stanley

Samantha Roberts

“Set it and forget it! I love SMS Closr!”

How much does it cost?

$1 per month

$1 per month

Startup Plan with 10% of revenue generated by SMS Closr chatbots

Growth Plan

$49 per month

Growth Plan with 5% of revenue generated by SMS Closr chatbots

PRO Plan

$99 per month

Pro Plan with 3% of revenue generated by SMS Closr chatbots